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Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0

May 2, 2023 @ 7:30 am - 11:59 pm

Watch the full series, 13 Stamps, CHF 2 666,90

The Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 was created as part of a partnership with digitalswitzerland with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and many interested visitors who attended the Swiss Digital Days 2022 conference. This year’s crypto stamp editions are limited again and range from 65,000 to only 50 rare copies! Prices differ according to the specific edition or the rarity of the NFT. For collectors and stamp enthusiasts, there will also be an exclusive non-NFT version this year.

The designs and prices of the individual versions will gradually be made public.

Crypto Stamp 3.0 (post.ch)

ID1 – BELLA= 65 000 ex  – 9,90 CHF ID2 – EMMY – 45 000 ex – 12 CHF  ID3 – ROCKY – 30 000 ex – 15 CHF

Bella and Walter are often together. He always makes sure of that. A typical characteristic of St Bernards is that they do not like to live alone. They are magnificent and gentle animals. They are loyal friends. These qualities make Bella the perfect family and support dog. They have changed over the centuries.The first entry in the Swiss Dog Registry of 1884 was a St Bernard named Léon. Three years later, the breed was officially recognized and declared the Swiss National Dog at an international congress of cynologists.The new crypto stamp with the token ID 1 is called Bella. It portrays the beauty of the St Bernard breed.

Emmy is calm and level-headed. She surveys her surroundings carefully, a characteristic that would probably have helped her in earlier times when searching for missing persons in the mountains. In those days, St Bernards had short hair – more practical in the deep snow of the Alps.They were always large. Females are slightly smaller than males at 65 to 80 cm. But they quickly reach a body weight of 80-90 kilogrammes. The normal life expectancy for St Bernards is nine years. Giulietta Alpina from Oberbüren SG became famous last year by reaching the age of 15 – the equivalent of 108 in human years.The new crypto stamp with the token ID 2 is called Emma. It portrays the power and strength of female St Bernards.

Rocky is a wild one. His name is popular with boxers. It comes from the Italian name “Rocco”, which means “the roaring one”. While in English it can mean stony, rough or difficult. These words also describe the environment that gave rise to the legend of Barry, the most famous St Bernard. Rocky is a descendant of Barry.Barry lived in the monks’ hospice at the Great St Bernard Pass from 1800 to 1812. Barry is said to have rescued over 40 people. He died of old age in Bern in 1814. His preserved body is still on display in the Natural History Museum in Bern.The new crypto stamp with the token ID 3 is called Rocky. It portrays courage and fortitude.

ID4 – JARA – 18 000 ex – 19 CHF ID5 – BERNA – 8 000 ex – 29 CHF ID6 – MILO – 4 500 ex – 39 CHF

Jara – With its vivacity, Jara puts you in a good mood by bringing a breath of spring, like a butterfly fluttering over a meadow. On the other hand, his name of Czech origin means just that. He certainly loves running, but not like Magnum, who has recently made the whole Vatican talk about himself. This colleague of his Saint Bernard, in fact, in 2016 began a pilgrimage together with Claudio Rossetti which has just concluded in Rome, with a meeting with the Pope. Dogs of this breed are not as lazy as people think: it’s just a prejudice! They just don’t like to waste their energy. Jara also needs plenty of rest to stay fit and healthy.The new crypto-stamp with the ID 4 token is called Jara and represents the liveliness and agility of the St. Bernard.

Berna was born in the city from which it takes its name in the same year in which the Swiss capital advertised itself by exhibiting 100 BernARTiners, plastic works in the shape of St. Bernard scattered throughout its territory. Sympathetic by nature, with its meek and affectionate disposition, this breed has already collected some cinematic successes. The St. Bernard Beethoven, in fact, is the protagonist of seven films. The first, released in 1992, was a blockbuster with approximately $150 million raised worldwide. The new crypto-stamp with the ID 5 token is called Bern and represents the popularity of the St. Bernard.

Milo is simply adorable: a giant, but sweet and affectionate. With his innate sense of protection from him, there is nothing to fear even when he is around children. Milo is very close to his masters and even if he is always on the alert, he loves being pampered by adults and children. The Saint Bernard is a breed with a deep sense of family, who needs contact and is very patient with children. Altruistic but also a bit stubborn, when he is annoyed he shows it. The new crypto-stamp with the ID 6 token is called Milo and represents the innate sense of protection in the Saint Bernard.

ID7 – FIDO – 2 500 ex  49 CHF ID8 – FLUFFY – 1 000 ex – 99 CHF ID9 – LUCY – 350 ex – 199 CHF

Fido is now of a certain age. His name comes from the Latin and means “faithful” and recalls the one chosen by Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, for his beloved mestizo. Semper fidelis! Today this name is less and less widespread, but it is understood in an emblematic sense for every dog. The ancestors of the Saint Bernard were actually called Molossians. In cynophilia, this term indicates a hypernym attributable to any large and muscular dog. The name has its roots in a population of the same name that existed in antiquity which, originally from the south-west region of the Balkan peninsula, owned a notoriously large and strong shepherd dog breed, which instilled fear. The new crypto-stamp with the ID 7 token is called Fido and represents the reliability and loyalty of the St. Bernard.

Fluffy is so called for its long and very soft hair. He loves to be pampered. On the other hand, being so soft, not doing it is practically impossible. He is the smallest of the group and, like any puppy, he is very playful.The Saint Bernard can have both long and short hair and its main color is white. Especially long-haired ones need to be brushed every two or three days and during the moult they can lose a lot of hair.The new crypto-stamp with the ID 8 token is called Fluffy and represents the beauty, uniqueness and grooming of the St. Bernard.

Lucy is said to love the morning light, but her name actually comes from the Latin word for “light”. Yet she always sleeps in.
All dogs spend much of their day snoozing, dozing or in deep slumber. Big, heavy dogs like St Bernards more so than smaller ones. They sleep a lot, but often not all in one go, and they adapt to their situation.
The new crypto stamp with the token ID 9 is called Lucy. It represents the St Bernard’s fondness for a nap – while being fully at people’s disposal when awake.

ID10 – LUNA – 250 ex – 299 CHF ID11 – CAMARADE – 200 ex – 399 CHF ID12 – PENDILLER – 150ex – 499 CHF

Lovely Luna certainly isn’t silent as the moon. She needs lots of exercise. She often tries to get her own way, which doesn’t always please her owners. But she learns quickly.
Although St Bernards are good-natured, gentle and obey instruction, they defend their territory and owners ferociously. That’s why St Bernards have to be trained when still puppies.
The new crypto stamp with the token ID 10 is called Luna. It represents the St Bernard’s intelligence and easiness to train.

Buddy is the coolest member of Walter’s pack. He wants to make up for the fact that practically every dog in the world is called “Buddy” like him. His name is very popular in B litters. Breeders give every litter their own letter. Then there’s the kennel name too.
This means Buddy was in the breeder’s second litter. His is one of the 10 most popular dog names in the world. Even Bill Clinton had a four-legged friend called Buddy, but his wasn’t a St Bernard.
The new crypto stamp with the token ID 11 is called Buddy. It represents all the cool dogs in the world.

The male dog is known in the pack for his extraordinary sense of smell. Bob can find anything and anyone. If he wasn’t so heavy and didn’t have such long hair, he could be a direct descendant of Barry. He has long been replaced by the avalanche transceiver “Barryvox”. Barryvox is a Swiss invention that Swiss Post dedicated its own stamp to in 2022 to mark its 40th anniversary.
So Bob no longer traces the scent of avalanche victims. But he can do lots of other things, such as telling whether someone has low or high blood sugar.
The new crypto stamp with the token ID 12 is called Bob. It represents the St Bernard’s remarkably good nose.

ID13 – Aia – 50 ex –  CHF 999.00

Aia’s owner is the developer of an artificial intelligence app. She took Aia’s name from the term “artificial intelligence”. AI-a. Perhaps one of her chatbots will be called Aia in honour of the intelligence of St. Bernards.
Aia enjoys rare moments of frivolity on walks with her owner, when she has to clear her head. The St. Bernards of the Barry foundation in Martigny go on walks every day, some of them even on the Great St. Bernard Pass while on holiday in summer. The foundation took over the breeding of the dogs in 2005 because the canons of the hospice were struggling to ensure both animal-friendly breeding and hospitality.
The new crypto stamp with the token ID 13 is called Aia. It represents the past and future of the St. Bernard.


May 2, 2023
7:30 am - 11:59 pm

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