What is the Polish Crypto Stamp?
The Polish Crypto Stamp was created from a combination of a love of philately and modern technology.

Each Crypto Stamp consists of two parts: one is a traditional postage stamp, the other is represented by unique NFT tokens on the Polygon network in the ERC1155 standard, which allows multiple token types to be supported within a single application in a blockchain environment.

Therefore, the Polish Crypto system is not only a combination of traditional postage stamps and cryptographic technologies, but also a complete environment that builds a digital philatelic community in Poland and around the world.

NFT tokenized physical stamp
Each physical stamp is associated with a non-exchangeable NFT token tagged via a unique identifier (Token ID) on the blockchain network

Philatelic tokens
In addition. to the additional category of stamps, appearing only in digital form, the crypto stamp ecosystem also includes dedicated philatelic tokens with community functions.

ZicoDAO: it’s an informal association ceated by the team Dead Cryptophilatelists Society
It represents a group of passionate people who are committed to an out-of-the-box approach, both in terms of physical and digital products, hitherto developed by traditional postal institutions.

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