May 10, 2019 – Mi10 Crypto Stamps

In collaboration with Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corp., the Marshall Islands has entered the emerging world of cryptocurrency and crypto stamps, with a limited edition sheetlet that is designed to highlight the novel Mi10 Crypto stamps.
The new set of 6 stamps features silver holographic images of Marshall Islands beaches, side by side with identical QR (Quick Response) codes that will automatically link to a crypto wallet and so that the user can collect new cryptocurrency coins/tokens after being scanned by a smartphone or tablet.
There are only 100,000 blocks of six stamps being issued and only 100 Mi10 Crypto Stamps crypto coins per 6 stamp block will ever be minted. These 10,000,000 Tokens/Coins can be claimed in increments of 100 Mi10s per block [of 6].

On the 1st of November 2022 Mi10 Crypto Stamps joined numerous private and public jurisdictions to make it easy for businesses and individuals to enter the domain of distributed ledger technologies to hold or transfer value for others while benefiting the public good.
Mi10 Crypto Stamps now wishes to commemorate and introduce to many this innovative new technology by issuing a QR coded stamp block to highlight and demonstrate this new technology. The face value of this block is $100.00 U.S. and the owner is entitled to an additional 100 Mi10 Crypto-currency coins as a one-time registration bonus.


Any of these 6 identical QR Codes, when scanned with a smartphone/tablet, offers the opportunity for first-time owners of these collectible blocks to collect free crypto coins which will be freely trading.


In order to make this QR code and unique concept a reality, this site has been created to permit first owners of these limited-edition blocks to redeem 100 Mi10 Cryptocurrency tokens/coins for each block of these stamps, one time only per unique serial number.

Coin Redemption Begins at 12:01am GMT November 10, 2022 (Submissions prior to that time will be ignored.)

There are only 20,000 blocks of six stamps being issued and only 100 Mi10 Crypto Stamps crypto coins per 6 stamp block available. These 2,000,000 Tokens/Coins can be claimed in increments of 100 Mi10s per block

Number: DateDesignation
N° 1May 10, 2019

Mi10 Crypto Stamps

20 000 set

 Stamp + crypto-currency

 MI 10 
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