May 15, 2018 – Gibraltar at the Digital Forefront 
Crypto currency is one of the most innovative new financial technologies available. Gibraltar is at the forefront of this promissing digital financial engineering and has been receiving high acclaim within global distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency circles. On the 1st of January 2018 Gibraltar became one of the first jurisdictions in the world to regulate businesses and individuals who are using distributed ledger technologies to hold or transfer value for others.

Gibraltar wishes to commemorate this innovative new technology by issuing a persoanlised stamp sheet featuring the Rock of Gibraltar issued stamp to highlight and demonstrate this new technology.

Any of these 4 identical QR Codes  when scanned with a smartphone/tablet offers the opportunity for first time owners of these collectible blocks to collect free crypto coins which will be freely trading.

In order to make this QR code and unique concept a reality a website has been created which links when scanning the bcanning the QR code to permit first owners of these limited-edition blocks to redeem 200 QRG Cryptocurrency tokens/coins for each block of these stamps, one time only per unique serial number. printed on the actual shet

Designer Mr. Stephen Perera

Illustrator Mr. Stephen Perera

Printing: 4 colours – Offset Lithography – Lowe Martin Security Printers


Price: £2 – 50p x 4 (200 QRG per block)

Size: 40mm x 40mm Block of 4

Number:  Date Designation
N° 1 May 15, 2018

Gibraltar at the Digital Forefront 

Quantity Categorie Crypto Blockchain
50 000 ex

 Stamp + crypto-currency


 QRG ERC – 20 
Website   Blockchain operator Wallet:  

May 17, 2021 – Cryptocurrency Stamp
To celebrate the impact Blockchain is set to have on the world, Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau Limited (“GPBL”) are issuing a limited edition 2021 commemorative ‘Cryptocurrency’ postage stamp dedicated to this revolutionary new technology. The Crypto Postage Stamp will be tied to the release of a blockchain based Digital Collectible, or non-fungible token (“NFT”) counterpart, exclusively produced by Coinsilium in collaboration with Vietnam-based RedFOX Labs Joint Stock Company (RedFOX) under the terms of a Technical Development and Support agreement announced by the Company on 10 December 2020.

The Crypto Postage Stamp series, limited to 50,000 in total, will come in a commemorative presentation pack. The presentation pack will include featured articles on various topics, covering the birth and rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the evolution of blockchain technology, Gibraltar’s Blockchain/DLT hub and the story of how ‘Bitcoin Pizza Day’ came to be celebrated on 22nd May each year by the estimated 100 million members of the global Bitcoin community.

Gibraltar NFT Digital Collectible Counterpart
Purchasers of the Gibraltar Crypto Stamp will also receive a first entitlement to an NFT collectible counterpart, with an exclusivity period of approximately 8 weeks, prior to general release of the NFT, slated for around mid-July 2021.
A total of 100,000 Gibraltar NFTs will be pre-minted and will be delivered online in a digital sealed pack, each pack containing two NFTs.
The NFTs will be minted with five levels of scarcity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare and Mythic Rare. The artwork will include 22 individual exclusively commissioned iconic images of Gibraltar which will follow the design theme of the Crypto Postage Stamp. There will also be a further 2 ‘Mythic Rare’ NFTs ,each with specific design characteristics.

Please note that the prices for the NFT counterpart to the Cryptocurrency Stamp will be denominated in cryptocurrency and will be sold separately.

Concepteur M. Stephen Perera

IllustrateurM. Stephen Perera

Impression :  4 couleurs  –  Lithographie Offset – Cartor Security Printers 


Prix :  4 £

Dimensions :  40×40 mm. M/S : 100x60mm

Number:  Date Designation
N°2 May 17, 2021 Cryptocurrency Stamp
Quantity Categorie Crypto Blockchain
 50 000 ex    WAX: ERC -20 
Website   Blockchain operator

RedFOX Labs



GIBRALTAR NFT Can be drop only with WAX Wallet


7 499 ex      
Catalan Bay – 1 384 sold Cathederal of St Mary the Crowned – 1390 sold Grand Casemates Square – 1 345 sold Ibrahim al Ibrahim Mosque at Europa – 1 357 sold
Moorish Castle – 1 360 sold Queensway Quay Marina –
1 400 sold
Trinity Lighthouse – Europa Point – 1 372 sold Upper Rock In The Mist – 1385 sold
4 499 ex      
Cable Car To Upper Rock Nature Reserve – 768 sold Caleta Hotel By Night – 828 sold Number 6 Convent Place – 895 sold Residence Of The Governor Of Gibraltar – 818 sold
Sunborn Yacht Hotel – 808 sold The Rock Hotel – 832 sold The Tower HM Naval Base – 838 sold  
1499 ex      
Both Worlds – Sandy Bay Beach – 244 sold Commonwealth Park – 267 sold Midtown Park – 271 sold Paddle Board At Sunrise – 
Skywalk Upper Rock – 275 sold      
 500 ex      
Barbary Ape – 96 sold Dolphin – Rock of Gibraltar – 97 sold    
 10 ex      
Bitcoin Pizza Day La Bitcoineta    

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