September 8, 2022 – #EMPATBELAS
The #EMPATBELAS Setem Ku folder set is a collaboration between Pos Malaysia and APOM, in conjunction with Malaysia Day 2022. Featuring 14 designers from 14 states, each stamp is proudly designed by an artist representing each state in Malaysia, encapsulating the uniqueness, beauty, essence, diversity and culture of their states.
The #EMPATBELAS Setem Ku folder set comes with one physical stamp sheet of 14 stamps, three envelopes, three postcards and a specially designed folder, retailing at RM59.00 each. With every purchase of the #EMPATBELAS Setem Ku stamp folder set, you will get to redeem one out of 14 limited-edition NFT stamps for free until October 31st, 2022.

Price: RM59.00 / pack

220 packs = 3 080 NFTs

This product is consisted of:

One Setem Ku stamp sheet (14 stamps)
One Folder
Three Envelopes
Three Postcards

Nombre: DateDésignation
N°1 8 septembre 2022#EMPATBELAS
QuantitéCatégorieCryptomonnaieChaîne de blocs

Timbres + NFT

Chambre d’hôtesERC-1115
Site web Opérateur de blockchain 
 Portefeuille: – Métamask

Iconic Attractions by Husna
220 ex – 36 minted

Terengganu is renowned for its pristine beaches, turtles, batu bersurat, keropok lekor, nasi dagang and traditional arts.


Expressing Individuality by Natasha​.
220 ex – 57 minted

Set in red and yellow colours, the design exudes joy and energy of its people. And despite Selangor being an industrialized state, it still has many beautiful places of nature as one of its main attractions.​


Warm Delights by Regina
220 ex – 89 minted

A playful take on misconceptions of Sarawak, it is more than just wilderness and uncharted territory. It is a place full of wonderful people and cultures.​


Beautifully Sabah by Nelson
220 ex – 106 minted

The land below the wind, a place where beauty is evident throughout its land, sea and sky, with the warmth of its people to top it off.


The Pearl of The Orient by Syahrul​
220 ex- 96 minted

Food, iconic landmark, palm trees and ferries, and the people. These are the things that made Penang the Pearl of the Orient.​


Rugged Yet Beautiful by Athirah​
220 ex – 35 minted

Not to be underestimated, the tiny state of Perlis is the destination for outdoor adventures and breathtaking views for those who dare.​


Greenery, Sand and Sea by Sam Joshua​
220 ex – 42 minted

Home to pre-historic and modern landmarks, Perak also have an abundance of greenery, sand and sea that is synonymous with the state.​


Famous Places by Amyr​
220 ex – 37 minted

As the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, Pahang has many attractions that come in many forms and shapes.


Attractive Architecture by Muazzam
220 ex – 41 minted

Negeri Sembilan is synonymous with Minangkabau culture. This design highlights the architectural design principles of Minangkabau culture in its buildings, from the Seri Menanti Museum to the Masjid Negeri.


The Mighty Kancil by Amita
220 ex – 40 minted

From a tale of the mouse deer that inspired Parameswara to establish his kingdom, Melaka has gone through many historical events that drives them towards the future.​


Soul of KL by ThatDania
220 ex – 103 minted

The vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur is as cosmopolitan as it can get, a mish mash of people, cultures, lights, sounds, lifestyle and beyond.​


Scenic Spots by Nuraisyah
220 ex – 37 minted

The iconic Gerbang Kota Sultan Ismail Petra is easily recognizable, and it acts as a gateway to many tourist attractions in Kelantan’s state capital of Kota Bharu.​


Historical Heritage by Shazri
220 ex – 47 minted

Famously known as the rice bowl of Malaysia, Kedah has rich history and lore, namely the Legend of Mahsuri and the tale of Raja Bersiung.


Precious Jewel by Hui Tong
220 ex – 105 minted

Derived from the Arabic word Jauhar which means Jewel, Johor many cultures have mixed and shape what made them as it is today.​


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