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N°CS 1May 4, 2024Crypto stamp 5.0

10.000 pieces of Cryptostamps are issued.
250 Cedis

100 pieces of the VIP NFT collector box are issued.
7 500 Cedis

1 piece Golden Stamp Frame
100 000 Cedis

Contract AddressMATIC0xfd5C5Bc8393cACDDB9769Caf8C6481398CebfA43
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4 000 ex
Onchain ex
5 Digit 
6 Digit 
3 000 ex
Onchain ex
5 Digit 
6 Digit 
2 000 ex
Onchain ex
5 Digit 
6 Digit 
1 000 ex
Onchain ex
5 Digit 
6 Digit 

The VIP BOX is notably luxurious, and elegant, representing a unique class of the philatelic product category.

Meticulously designed in a spectacular way to convey a specialty predominantly suited for the business class in honor of His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Ghana Post proudly presents the groundbreaking dynamic pack of Commemorative philatelic deluxe Boxes.


Golden Stamp Frame
The Royal Stamp Frame is a timeless tribute to commemorate the illustrious reign of His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this collector’s piece embodies exclusivity and prestige, making it a prized possession for discerning collectors and admirers.
Measuring approximately 58cm x 51cm, this unique artwork is presented within a majestic golden frame, refined with dark green velvet fabric. A meticulously crafted PVC under printed and stamp-shaped artwork depicting the esteemed King of the Asanthene Kingdom is nestled within this resplendent frame.
But what truly sets this masterpiece apart is the 20-gram gold bar, which is integrated into the artwork itself.
As a testament to its exclusivity, each Royal Stamp Frame comes with a personalized plaque, offering buyers the opportunity to get a custom engraving of their name or a heartfelt dedication.
The Royal Stamp Frame is more than just a collector’s item; it is a symbol of cultural remembrance and historical appreciation.


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