August 14, 2022 – Celebrate 140ᵗʰ Anniversary of Thai Postal Service

For the 1ˢᵗ time of ASEAN, this is the opening of parallel world in the philately. Besides the physical stamp, you will get the NFT stamp for your collection. This is a bridge to connect NFT collectors and stamp collectors.

1st Time of 18 Cartoon Characters from NFT Artists Thai famous NFT artists have joined this project to create 50,000 different and unique designs by generative arts.

In this collection, the 1st NFT Stamp in ASEAN, there are only 140 legend NFT stamps which are in the rarest level. It can be unlocked randomly. The unique thing of this level is the distinctive texture of the pigeon with the perforated border. Besides the legend level, the NFT stamps will be minted with the levels of scarcity; Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common.

Designer: Mr. Thanet Phonchaiwong (Thailand Post Co., Ltd.)


Price: ฿140.00

Size : 51 x 36 mm. (horizontal)

Printing method and color: lithography – multi-color (silver foil stamping)
Printed in the form of stamp stickers. 

Number: DateDesignation
N° 1August 14, 2022Celebrate 140ᵗʰ Anniversary of Thai Postal Service
50 000 ex

Stamp + NFT

JFINERC – 1155
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The code with Crypto Stamp can be redeemed for the free NFT Stamp on by 14 August 2023. After that, the code will be expired; however, the sticker stamp can still be used for postage charges.

 50 000differentsNFT   
ArtistName ArtistCommon
28 000 ex
14 000 ex
6 400 ex
1 400 ex
140 ex
PunkKub NFT
Passion for pixel art and smart contract made this work possible.
The save planet

 Inspiration comes from Being a person who likes to travel in nature as a capital, he wants to communicate NFT that is natural style and energy as a leprechaun named ZILLAFRENS.


BitToon is inspired by various Cryptocurrency coins, each of which is a project. Most of them have different goals. How different projects work Until showing off as a character, and BitToon itself represents the world’s first Bitcoin coin. 

Zmile Monkeyz Club

The Zmile Monkeyz Club project is a gathering of people who love fun and entertainment. So we think of monkeys. Since monkeys are such a mischievous, fun, and lively group, we designed the NFT with cheeky, smiling monkeys.

crypto butler

Lions are animals at the top of the food chain. which can show leadership, greatness and also warmth From the nature of the habit of living together as a family With the mane hair color used purple because it wants to indicate technology. Or are the shades of the Metaverse as well?
I Learn A Lot

 The fun in the world of investing


 The inspiration for the ApeKub project came from seeing so many Apes roaming the blockchain world. But the creators feel that there is no Ape that is cool and pleasing at all (personal feelings), so it is the origin of this series of Ape that the creator has tried hard to make ApeKub come out as a handsome, cool and attractive Ape. Accumulated likes of crypto teenagers as it is today. I also added lore and story to the SSR/UR Ape to give Art the dimension it should be.

Naga DAO

The Naga character was inspired by the old DAO commu name (New Gen: NG), later changed to the Naga DAO and designed the DAO’s mascot to be approachable. Cute Naga or Naga is a mythical creature. that everyone should have seen each other more or less With its mysterious, powerful and poisonous appearance, it might make people feel intimidated. The designer intended for the Naga to have a cute round shape. more easily accessible To make people feel that the Naga DAO is friendly to everyone just like the ideal of this DAO.


 JFIN created Jiger The Tiger as its mascot and officially launched it in February 2022. Jiger represents strength. Full of energy and determination, at the same time, tigers are cute as feline creatures. In Feng Shui science, the tiger is a symbol that has been brought to help enhance prestige. Enhance your financial fortune and enhance business success


 Every lazyman has no face because he wants to hide his identity. Want to earn money without working and not having to go out to work and lazyman will rest until there is no time to work.

Hotel de Mentía

 The Hotel de Mentía project or the forgotten hotel It started from the belief that People need a place where they can forget everything. On days when something bad happens, encounters problems or sadness, the character of Hotel de Mentía NFT is like a hotel guest. Designed into 5 tribes: people, ghosts, wolves, goats, monkeys, each of which represents the characteristics of each person when encountering problems.

Stocker DAO

 It is adapted from the yellow star Stocker Day page character, which by NFT these are characters in the metavarse of the future world, but there is something that causes them to be teleported. back to the present world Which is usually seen in 3d but can only appear in 2d format in various electronic devices such as mobile phones, billboards, TVs, etc. Each NFT is powered by the influencer’s power and is shaped like a star. Because it is homophone with the word Star, which means celebrity or Superstar.

Trader with a bear face but likes dogs


He is a bear-like person who loves dogs and loves investing.


Moon Monster

 Moo (*Moo is the name for MooMonster’s character) is inspired by a pig. and want to look cute, outstanding, unique, able to be easily remembered But mixed with the agitation in the characters. The design concept came from the team’s preference for provocative characters with cheeky, simple lines. Colors that look flashy, MooMonster’s characters are cute mixed with the character’s annoyance.



The Apetimism project was designed with the intention of being a business from the start. Not just a piece of digital art Therefore, every detail is designed to facilitate business expansion in the real world. For this reason, the character is designed to be easily accessible. Is a person who is cute accessible to all ages and able to penetrate the player group directly with NFT The character was created in the form of an ape (Ape) because it is an internationally recognized animal in the NFT market, which can be seen that there are many NFT collections designed in the form of an ape. And because we intend to build a business in the real world, such as toys, not just the digital world. The characters are therefore created in 3D to make it easier to create products in the real world. In designing, we also looked at the opportunity that Our character must be able to play with other brands.

In case we have to work together in the future, for example, with Thailand Post, we will have to let our monkeys easily wear Thai Post worker uniforms. This will help us expand our business much easier. For this reason, we designed our characters in the style of Voxel or putting blocks together to form a monkey shape. This allows us to add blocks to adapt the monkey to suit almost every occasion. In the future, we also have plans to take our Apetimism monkeys for a walk through the Metaverse, which can be done immediately because our characters are designed in 3D.

We (Munin) like to draw people’s side faces. and draw a lot in the original manga I feel that my hands are very familiar with the rhythm of drawing this structure. because of the character’s eyes just one eye can tell a story This is the origin of the collection named B-SIDE because the way we see people in this corner, this side, is that we have to stand beside (beside) and look at them only.
Jaybird represents Jay Mart, where Jaybird represents communication to customers. both products and services With a fun, friendly and approachable manner, including giving Jaybird a red color, which is Jaymart’s regular color.
The Warden character is inspired by the DotA character Arc Warden. The Warden was created as a platform character and identity based on Alpaca and pancake platforms, so we created the Warden character. And using the keyword “To the moon” as an idea, it was designed to be an astronaut who will go to the moon. And put eyes that look like lights that are unique to the Arc Warden character and have designed the shape. Be playful in nature for easy access.

October 12 – 23, 2022 – Postbox in Love

Special Collection of Bookworm’s Stories and Memories with Red Postbox, Symbol of Thai Postal Service Exclusive only at 27th Book Expo Thailand on 12-23 October 2022

Number: DateDesignation
N° 2October 12, 2022Postbox in Love
300 ex

NFT Vignette

JFINERC – 1155
Website Blockchain operator 


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