June 17, 2022 – Faces of France by postmen 
In collaboration with Yann Arthus Bertrand, La Poste unveils a virtual exhibition called “Faces of France by postmen”. Among the more than 4000 photographs presented, 10 have been transformed into NFTs.

All of the funds collected for this charity auction will be donated to the Red Cross.

Designer: Yann Arthus Bertrand

Price: 0,4 BnB (80,00 €)


Number: DateDesignation
N° V1June 17, 2022Faces of France by postmen 
10 x 1NFT Vignette BnB Chain 
Website Blockchain operator
Lorène – Grand EstFlorence – Ile de FranceNorbert – Normandie Coralie – NormandieClaude – Centre Val de Loire
Sonia et sa factrice – Grand Est  Edvidge – Centre Val de Loire Didier – Centre Val de LoireClaire – Centre Val de Loire Christine – Nouvelle Aquitaine

June , 2022 – La Poste x Wagmi Studio 2022
Between the world of La Poste and Wagmi Studio, this NFT is a call to discover more of Web 3 (blockchain, NFT, Metavers)
On the occasion of the CODIR de La Poste 2022, with the help of our technical partner Wagmi Studio, we are pleased to offer to the member your NFT La Poste x Wagmi Studio to familiarize you with the Web 3 universe.


Price: free

Number: DateDesignation
N° V2June , 2022La Poste x Wagmi Studio 2022
19NFT Vignette MATICERC – 1155 
Website Blockchain operator

August 21, First day – September, 18 – #NFTimbre1
Philately has always been a symbol of technical innovations since the creation of stamps (innovative shapes, scented inks, augmented reality, etc.).
By entering this new collector’s market, La Poste is once again demonstrating its DNA of an ever innovative collection.

Date stamp graphic design : Faunesque (real name Phil Constentinesco) only became Faunesque in 2015, when he traded his job as a “motion designer” to focus exclusively on illustration

Impression : offset

Block size : 105 x 71,50 mm

Stamp size : 52 x 40,85 mm

Retail price : 8,00 €

Nombre: DateDésignation
CS121 août, Inscription
18 septembre, premier jour
19 septembre, timbres normaux
QuantitéCatégorieCryptomonnaieChaîne de blocs
100 000 ex
100 Enveloppe 1er jour
NFT + Timbres TESOZ-XTZerc – 721
Adresse du contratKT1Qhu6nFTJLno4YELMSZR5krwaFnaEg7Qv6
Site web Opérateur de blockchain

First Day 

La mention « Premier jour » sera présente uniquement sur la description du NFT


Normal Stamp











100 ex


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