July 24, 2024 – Billy and Nanny

Drawing inspiration from Guernsey’s rich culture, our crypto stamps feature traditional elements such as the iconic Golden Goat breed, the iconic Guernsey jumpers they are wearing as well as the recognisable landscapes. While the physical artwork has a more traditional art style, the digital renditions embrace a modern and more abstract art style.

Chris Griffiths, the artist of both the physical and NFTs said: “I was intrigued and fascinated by the concept of creating a set of crypto stamps as I knew it would involve learning an entirely new way of approaching stamp design. There were quite a few early meetings which involved understanding the very specific requirements of designing the physical stamps and to a much greater extent the NFTs.

The two styles of illustration were decided upon so that they would complement each other but also look very different. The physical stamp illustrations were hand drawn then digitise whist the NFT illustrations were drawn directly in a vector format and the many different elements such as the hats, glasses, different coloured jumpers etc were then created in dozens of layers that would form the basis of how each NFT could then be made entirely unique. It was very interesting to discover what specific elements would make the NFT designs more desirable to collectors within the crypto space.

It was really nice to be able to have fun creating the original golden Guernsey goat characters wearing their Guernsey jumpers for the physical stamps and then continue that fun with the designs for all of the elements for the NFTs, including things like laser eyes, UFOs, yellow submarines etc. “

Number: DateDesignation
N°CS 1.0July 17, 2024 Pre SALE
July 24, 2024 SALE
Billy and Nanny
Contract AddressMATIC 
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