July 05, 2024 – MORTADELO

Mortadelo is probably the best-known character in Spanish comics . Created in 1958 by the brilliant Spanish author Francisco Ibáñez , the adventures of Mortadelo and Filemón have been with us for more than six decades.

On January 20, 1958, in issue 1,394 of Pulgarcito, the most popular children’s magazine of the moment, ‘Mortadelo y Filemón, Agencia de Información’ was born, at a time when rhymes and couplets were in vogue, according to Francisco Ibáñez. Mortadelo was quick to win over the public with his lack of common sense and his ability to disguise himself as anything, under the orders of Filemón, with his angry character and his characteristic two hairs on his head, assuming the role of Mortadelo’s boss. At the TIA, the disastrous secret agency where they provide their services, they share adventures with the despotic superintendent of the organization, “el Súper”, the catastrophic scientist Professor Bacterio and the attractive secretary Ofelia. Their adventures, in which they interact with a peculiar gallery of villains, usually end in disaster, fleeing from the current mess through the most inhospitable and remote places on the planet.

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Basketball World Cup
2023 (Ed. 2023)

12 000 EX

In this Mortadelo and Filemón adventure, the Super gives them a mission in the 2023 basketball world championship. They must discover and stop the person who is shrinking the players of all the teams, so that their team can win. Despite putting all their will into it, unfortunately the contribution of the two TIA agents will only serve to complicate things much more than they would have been without them.

Mortadello from La Mancha
(Ed. 2005)

9 000 ex

Due to a mistake made when using one of Professor Bacterio’s inventions, Mortadelo and Filemón believe themselves to be the protagonists of Miguel de Cervantes’ universal work, Don Quixote de la Mancha. Mortadelo will be Don Quixote and Filemón his faithful squire Sancho Panza (Filemoncho Panza). Together they will right wrongs, although they will only achieve one disaster after another. Ofelia will be Mortadelo’s particular Dulcinea del Toboso. Mortadelo and Filemón will speak in old Castilian and Francisco Ibáñez himself has a special role in this work, as he appears commenting on the events that occur in the adventure.

The Euro has arrived (Ed. 2001)

4 500 ex

The Euro has arrived! A series of fake Euro notes are spreading across Europe. El Súper tasks Mortadelo and Filemón with finding out who the counterfeiter is, using clues found in the images on the notes.

(Ed. 1991)

3 000 ex

The Olympic Games (Barcelona 92) are about to begin in the city. It is suspected that the TETA terrorists (Euro Trans Atlantic Terrorists) are going to act during the games. Mortadelo and Filemón will have to prevent any action by the TETA.

Atomic Sulfate

1 500 ex

In 1969, due to the growing success of the Mortadelo and Filemón series, the publishing house Bruguera commissioned Ibáñez to create the first long-running adventure of the famous agents. Francisco Ibáñez created a comic strip with extremely careful drawings and scripts, which would go down in the history of our comics, being considered by many to be Ibáñez’s greatest work. More than fifty years after its publication, El sulfate atómico is an icon and one of the masterpieces of comics, internationally recognised.

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